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In my personal experience, following passion is not easy and one of the most rewarding feeling in life. I have the honor to witness hundreds of client's happiness, and rewarding feeling in my career.

 Hi, My name is Zin Mar Lwin.  I was an Engineer for 8 years and was graduated from RMIT University Australia with Bachelor of Construction Management. I worked as a Cost Consultant in Vancouver before I started Unique Lash Lift & Brow in July 2023.

Making someone feel beautiful is my passion since young. But I was not allowed to follow my passion. As a traditional asian family, I had to pursue Engineer if not a doctor and got a corporate job to get stable income.

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Hardship began

I financed myself to obtain a Bachelor degree while working restlessly full time as an Engineer in Singapore. Reflecting back of the struggles of  having time to sleep for 3 hours by jumping work and study makes me hard to give up to follow my passion after investing time and so much of my earning in education. This took me 7 years in Engineering career.


After one year of working as a Consultant in Vancouver, I was aware that I did not have inner happiness. I felt so burden to go to work everyday and I had too many inner conflicts of wanting to pursue or stay still in stable income without worry of money each month. I asked myself too many times whether I want to spend the rest of my life being an engineer, and working for someone else.

"I live only once in my life, if not now, then when"

It is so hard to give up after spending 8 years with time and money. The mindset of not wanting to regret for not doing something that I love when I get old, finally makes me to give a chance to myself. I live only once in my life, if not do now, then when. Finally, I decided to give up my job to fully give all in to my passion.

During this decision, the famous India movie called " 3 idiots"  becomes the catalyst in my decision. 


Safety & Comfort Kick in

To provide comfortable experience, I went to one of the lash lift artists found on instagram who has the big followers to get my lash lift done to understand the feeling of how my clients will feel.

I have experienced very uncomfortable feeling throughout the procedure. From this experience, I strive to give a comfortable and gentle experience that makes clients feel deep relaxation during lash lifting.

Hearing snoring from clients or compliments from clients of  how gentle I was during this procedure  makes me feel happy and satisfied.

From the moment I decided to follow my passion, I have not regretted once since then.

If you are like me,

"Do not let your fear hold you back from doing what you love. I believe if you follow your passion, success will follow you".

So far, I have obtained countless certificates and trainings and keep upgrading more to ensure my clients feel the best satisfaction.​

I will make sure each client will feel ultimate satisfaction and leave from my studio feeling like a million bucks.

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