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At Unique Lash Lift & Brow, We are offering customized lash lift. Client has the options to choose dramatic lash lift, natural curl or cat eye lift. Client can ask for more curl or less curl, more lift or less lift or any look. 


We are providing three different options of lash lift and tint services to cater different needs.

Lash Lift with Tint Vancouver, Natural Curl Lash Lift

Natural Lift/Curl

Natural Curl is for those who doesn't want to be too noticeable. 

Client has the option of less curl or more curl, less lift or more lift.The client in the picture wants more curl instead of lift.

Suitable for medium to long length lashes

Lash Lift with Tint Vancouver, Dramatic Lift

Dramatic Lift/ Curl

For those who wants to pop their eyes, wants to get noticeable and who loves just wake up and go with minimum makeup

Dramatic lash lift is lift to its maximum from root to tips to be as noticeable and lift as possible.

Suitable for all types of short, medium and long lashes

Lash Lift with Tint Vancouver, Cat Eye Natural Lift

Cat Eye

Client in the pic. wants soft and natural (less noticeable). She doesn't want her lashes noticeable and standout.

She prefer cat eye look.

Suitable for those who have medium and long lashes

Duration: 1.5-2hr

Pain Level: None

Result: Last 8-12weeks

Tint - Vegetable dye, more vibrant than keratin dye, 20 to 30% lighter after first wash, and Last 3- 4 weeks

Result may vary based on natural lash cycle

​Suitable for thin to thick lashes especially stubbon and strong lashes.

Yumi Keratin Lash Lift Treatment

 YUMI Lash lift is the revolutionary method that include treatments in the lash lift. ​YUMI Lashes version 2.0 is "Made in France" that has passed all the regulatory tests of the high standard of EU.​Due to the selected ingredients such as Panthenol and Keratin, your natural lashes are protected and fortified at each stage of the treatment.This service is known for providing remarkable results, no matter the condition before the treatment takes place.Thanks to its quality ingredients such as  the Aloe Vera, Glycerin and Anti-Inflammatory properties to promote the cell renewal thus allowing silky, strong and resistant lashes which will also be protected from UV rays.  ​In a last step, the eyelashes will be deeply nourished with Panthenol known as provitamin B5 as a soothing care mask to gently penetrate the product in the eyelash.​​


One of the best healthiest lash lift system focusing on lash health while giving beautiful curl and lift.

This is the award winning product in the world and one of the most gentle and safe on lashes.

It is the 5 steps treatment including a treatment step called lash botox.

This doesn't involve any needle. It is an upgrade version of standard lash lift.

It is a treatment mask that is infused with 14vitamins, hydrolysed keratin, minerals that promotes the the health of the lashes and help to strengthen it.

The bonus part is we research and tested all of the lash botox products available in the market and we choose the best lash botox system in the world because our lash botox lash lift is not only repair broken lashes but also increase the length of  your lashes longer and healthier.

You will come back with healthier and stronger lashes after each visit​.


Duration: 1.5hr

Result: Last 6-8 weeks

Tint - Vegetable dye,

tint will get lighter after wash

Not suitable for very thick stubbon lashes as this is very gentle system

​Lash Botox Serum Effect Lash Lift with  : 💸 $125


Duration: 1.5hr

Result: Last 6-8 weeks

Tint - Vegetable dye,

tint will get lighter after wash

Not suitable for very thick stubbon lashes as this is very gentle system


 Keratin lash lifting solution is used, known for regular lash lift. There is no treatment included.

In the final step, Keratin serum will apply to the lashes.

It's Vegan, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free

​Duration: 1.5hr

Pain Level: None

Result: Last 6-8 weeks

Tint - Vegetable dye, tint will get lighter after wash, and Last 3-4 weeks

Result may vary based on natural lash cycle​​


It is highly recommended service after a lash lift.

It is for those who wants to maintain the lash health to become more healthier and want to get longer lashes. 

This can be done after 3 to 4 weeks of getting done lash lift.

We use lash botox deep conditioning treatment to the lashes and  add complimentary vegetable tint during the service.

At the end of the service, you will see " a life into your lift" and your lashes will be lifted again. Due to complimentary tint, your lashes will be darkening again up to another 4 weeks.

Due to lash botox treatment, your lashes will be longer and fuller after each lash maintenance service with us.

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