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Welcome to our premier establishment for lash lift and brow lamination services in Vancouver! We offer customized lash lifting and brow lamination with customized shape and timing  that is tailored to your needs to  complement your unique facial features .

We are proud to have over 55 five-star reviews and the best customer satisfaction in Vancouver. Our premium quality brand and longer processing products ensure your lashes will not be damaged while achieving the best results by elevating to the next level to your beauty.

We use premium celebrity brand and award winning vegan products that is gentle on lashes while nourshing it. Experience your new look with our top-rated unparallel quality lash lift and brow lamination services.

Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Artist Vancouver

Our Philosophy

My name is Zin Mar Lwin. I am your lash lift and brow lamination artist. My passion is not just to create amazing "Wow" result to suit with individual face shape but to make our client coming back with healthier lashes/brows.  At Unique Lash Lift & Brow, to provide the best quality, I researched and tested a lot of brands that is available in EU, US & Canada. Then I selected 3 products that is the most gentle on lashes based on 3 price points to cater different clientele.

  At Unique Lash Lift & Brow, What I can ensure is you are in the safe hand.

I will ensure you will leave happily from my studio.

I kept upgrading myself and I am certified more than 10x from different institution around the world.

I am offering 2 treatment lash lift systems such as YUMI Keratin Lash Lift Treatment and new Lash Botox Effect lash lift  for our clients who loves the best quality treatment for their lashes/ brows and local keratin lash lift as an affordable option for keratin lash lift.

My dream is to show everyone how beautiful they become after enhancing just their natural lashes and brows and having more confidence on their natural beauty. One of my recent client said " I can't wait to show to my husband".

My goal is to make this feel to everyone.

We understand that choosing the best artist who not only can give the desired result but also take care of your lashes/brows health can be very hectic. Come talk to us today!

Lash Lift with Tint

Looking for a way to pamper yourself before a special occasion or simply reward yourself for all your hard work? Our lash lifting service is the perfect solution! Using a safe and gentle solution approved by both CA and EU, we lift your lashes naturally from root to tip, resulting in a beautiful and long-lasting look that requires less to no additional maintenance. Whether you're preparing for a trip, honeymoon, wedding, or simply need pampering from the stresses of daily life, or cutting makeup time to use lash curler and mascara, our lash lifting service is the perfect way to treat yourself.

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Lash Lift And Tint Vancouver
Brown Lamination with Tint in Vancouver

Brow Lamination with Tint

Brow lamination is a highly sought-after beauty treatment that can enhance the fullness, symmetry, and definition of your brows. It is particularly suitable for individuals who wish to tame unruly hairs, conceal sparse areas, or achieve the trendy "soap brows" look. The lifted effect of brow lamination can also have a transformative impact on the structure of your face, imparting a more youthful and radiant appearance. With proper aftercare and maintenance, the lifted effect can last up to 6-8 weeks, affording ample time to revel in your newly refined look.

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Products Features

We used the best quality products that is vegan, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free,hypoallergenic and non-toxic products to brow & lash services

100% Vegan

Cruelty Free


Ammonia & Paraben free

EU approved

What makes our service different?


We put ourselves in our customer's shoes during the time with us. From the consultation to the end, we will ensure that  you are in a safe hand. We will tell you all step by step procedure of what we are going to do while you are closing your eyes before  starting each procedure. We will be checking upon you all the time to ensure your comfort and safety with us. You can shoot us and clarify us any questions and concern you have. We will patiently explain any concern you may have and attend you all the times.


We are very passionate and patient to get the best outcome. Whether you have stubborn lashes, short or long lashes, all you need is trust to "me".

No rushing service:

We are providing our service with affordable price points but we care our customer unlike others. We don't charge per hour and not rushing our service. Most of the times, when our customers have very thick stubborn lashes, we go above and beyond our schedule until you are satisfied the result and get what you desire. We will not rush our service and left you unsatisfactory.  We often get response immediately from our clients that they have never gotten the result like this. 

Comfort & Gentle

Your eyes are very important to us.  We learnt from our experience and understand that how uncomfortable we become when getting our lashes done. Learning from our experience, we always strive to ensure our customer feel comfortable and touch with  gentle. We also will be checking upon you at all time to ensure you are comfortable and relax.

Customized Lash Lift

We customized the lash lift look and customized timing only for you. We have dramatic lift/ curl, natural lift/curl, cat eye lift. We advise upon what you choose and we select the best look for you. All you need is talk to us.


Yumi Lash Lift Vancouver Customer review
Yumi Lash Lift Vancouver Customer review
Keratin Lash Lift Vancouver Customer review
Yumi Lash Lift & Brow lamination with Tint Vancouver Customer review


#124, 736 Granville Street, 1st Floor, Vancouver, BC

Call: (672)-699-7178

Business Hours




8AM - 10PM

8AM - 10PM

8AM 10PM

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